"Why Don't You Organize Your Photos", She Said. "It'll Be Easy & Won't Consume Your Life", She Lied

Mom & Melissa May, 2009 in Nashville, TN.

I got the brilliant idea in the month of February to organize all my photos. I'm a freaking lunatic.

My photographic life is messy. The accumulation is high and deep AND BIG. It would drown a normal human. We had to buy an external hard drive to house JUST the digital photos. In addition to the digital pile I have boxes upon boxes of the good old paper family photos, vintage photography I collected over the years, and the remaining matted and framed artwork I created back in the day. I am weighed down by images. But I can only part with a few of them. So if I can't part with many, I better organize the hell out of them.

I didn't realize it would consume my life. I started on just the files on the external drive on February 13 and have worked steadily for close to a month now.

Let me say here and now, it is draining the hell out of me.

As I go through all the photos, one thing has become clear, parts of this project are happy but a lot of it makes me sad. Photos of family members who have passed. Photos of friends I rarely see anymore. Photos of good times I had, but don't really have anymore. My life in thousands upon thousands of photos. I am very grateful for the experiences, but I am also a little melancholy.

And let me add, I wish I weighed what I did the first time I thought I was fat. Looking at all those pictures of myself at many different weights leads me to wonder....will I live actively into my 70's. I've put my body through a lot of stress by losing and gaining weight through most of my life. Ahh, food....you are my comfort.

I will continue with this project, but I needed to stop to bitch and moan about if for some reason.

So there you have it.

That is all.

Carry on.

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