Top 5 Pet Items That Really Help

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These pet related items have really helped our pets age with grace. Some are vet recommended and most are items I've found and keep using through many years and many pets.

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OK, on to the product reviews of my Top 5 Pet Related Items:

ONE - Dasuquin, by Nutromax, chewable supplements for joint health.

I've never been a big fan of supplements for humans OR pets. However, our Bailey has needed help with her joint issues. Granted she is carrying too much weight, which would really help if we would be better dog parents and send her to doggie fat camp, but that hasn't happened. We do our best, but many times we don't make the mark.

I can't recommend Dasuquin enough. It is easily digestible, helps Bailey's movement, and does improve joint health. Thanks to Dr. Lauren Wall at Hillsboro Animal Hospital for this recommendation.

Remember, As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

TWO - Inflatable Dog Collar

I've talked about this in previous posts, but when a dog is injured, has a rash, or is in recovery from surgery, the standard plastic e-collars used by vets can be excruciating to navigate at home with a big dog. We've had a lot of luck with the inflatable collar. Of course, as with all things, check with your vet to be sure they will work for your particular situation.

Remember, As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

I recommend the ballistic nylon covering over the softer fabrics for the simple reason they are easier to clean and don't catch dog hair as much as some of the other fabric choices covering other brands of dog collars. If you prefer the softer fabric, I have included one of the Amazon Preferred choices below my top choice.

Second choice of #inflatabledogcollar

THREE - Daily Fish Oil Supplements

Dr. Lauren Wall at Hillsboro Animal Hospital recommended this supplement to help with joint health and healthy skin and coat. (Thank you again, Dr. W).

We have used regular human fish oil supplements for several different breeds of dogs. Granted, we have always had large breeds, so you may want to talk to your vet before trying any supplement to be sure it is right for your dog.

I have found that buying the #fishoilsupplements at Costco is very cost effective, but not everyone has a Costco membership. Amazon carries a well known brand that I can recommend:

Remember, As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

FOUR - Buying Your Pet Food And Treats At CHEWY.COM

A dear friend turned me on to We've been very happy with the service AND most importantly, the price of their prescription diet food. Well, maybe also another important benefit: IT IS DELIVERED TO YOUR DOOR!! Got to love that! Why, yes...yes I do!

We signed up for Auto-Ship on our food orders. It has really saved us time and money. I used to run back and forth to the vet to buy the prescription diet we use, but now it is delivered to our door.

I was just approved to be a Chewy affiliate partner! Yes, I will get a small commission if you use this link, but as stated, it will keep the lights on. Please and thank you!

Below is a discount coupon code for

COUPON CODE (PRODUCT LINK)- If you use this link, you can save 30% off your first auto-ship order for your food and treats!

That's right.....

Save 30% on your first Autoship Order with Chewy!

FIVE - Hill's Science Diet Prescription Diet W/D

This food is not cheap. However, it saved us. When we rescued Birdie (the boxer), she was having a ton of digestive issues. I bought every food under the sun, trying to get her stool firm and blood-free and to settle her stomach. At the same time, Bailey kept gaining a ton of weight on her food. We rescued Bailey before Birdie came to our home, so Bailey was on another type of food. That was the source of more frustration...2 dogs and 2 different types of food. It was a nightmare. So, thanks again to Dr. Lauren Wall, we now have 1 brand of #dogfood for both dogs and it does the trick.


And there you have it. These items are not cheap, but they have benefited us VERY well with our critters. Hope this helps you!

That is all.

Carry on.

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