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I L.O.V.E. these items that don't cost a lot, but are VERY useful!

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Journal On, my friend.

Product Reviews For My Top 5 Items Under $25

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ONE - Leuchtturm1917 Bullet Journal

I love creative YouTube videos. I follow several creative types on Instagram too. When I started to sharpen my drawing skills last year, I noticed all this beautiful hand lettering going on. One in particular Amanda Rach Lee creates some amazing #bulletjournals.

This #Leuchtturm brand is sturdy, opens flat, slim in size, has a handy band to keep it closed, has a pocket in the back, and comes in great colors.

I'll be honest, being over 50 I had no freaking clue what a bullet journal was or why I would need one. Well, I did some research, and I'll be honest. I still wasn't really sure why I would need one. I discussed my confusion with a sweet young friend who was home for fall break in 2018. She is in her sophomore year in college and she explained how #bulletjournaling changed her life. She started one in high school to help her with organization and she still carries one with her in college. She gave me my very first bullet journal. As a matter of fact, the one you see above. I really love it. I don't use it to help me organize my future, I use it to remember what I accomplished.

I noticed as I have aged that days are flying by and I don't really remember what I did that day or the accumulative week or month. No, I don't have a memory problem (at least I hope not), but the older we get, the quicker time is flying by. If I don't take time to stop and revisit my accomplishments, however small or big, I sometimes get the end of a week or month and think I did absolutely nothing of consequence. These little journals make it easy to list the highs and lows in a quick way to trigger my memory.

It is amazing what many folks do with their bullet journals. Creative DIY tutorials are all over the internet. I recommend getting one. I hope you will enjoy yours as much as I enjoy mine.

TWO - Altoids Arctic Blast Peppermint Mints

Hello, my name is Marla Sanderson and I am addicted to #Altoids Arctic Blast Peppermint Mints. There, I admitted it. These are beyond curiously strong. They will clear your sinuses. But do you know what else they do? Help you avoid dessert.

Those who know me IRL, know that sugar is a problem for me. Dessert is a problem for me. Binge eating sugary desserts is a REAL problem for me. I buy Altoids by the 8 pack. I buy them 3 packs at a time. It isn't a perfect system, but it has helped me from binge eating key lime pie! (No, that isn't a colorful Southern expression. It is my truth.)

So that says something!

I can't recommend these enough. Of course, I can't really recommend them as any kind of diet aid, because my fat pants are currently too tight. But these do tame my binge eating issue. I'll take any help I can get.

THREE - Ocusoft Pre-Moistened Lid Scrubs

I have been using #OCuSOFT Eyelid scrubs for over 22 years now. I learned the hard way that just washing your face with your hands or even a washcloth does not necessarily clean your eyelids well.

These lid scrubs were recommended to me by an ophthalmologist all those years ago. Why? I had to have some sort of growth removed from under my lower eyelid. I was told that I am susceptible to these growths called #chalazions. One of them got so big that it had to be surgically removed. I don't recommend this experience.

I am not a wearer of make-up. I never wore much during my life, but I really avoid it now. Occasionally, if there is a dressy affair, I will put on the face putty, but it makes me so uncomfortable I want to tear my face off. Eye make-up especially makes me crazy. When I feel the need to project my painted face in public, I always buy NEW #mascara. That stuff is a tube of bacteria just waiting to attach itself to my unsuspecting eye lids. Can you tell I'm just not a fan of any make-up? Hate it. Lucky for me I'm at an age and weight where I'm pretty much invisible anyway, so why should I suffer? Sorry...what was my point?

Oh, if you do wear mascara or eye make-up, I can't stress this enough CLEAN YOUR EYES WELL AFTER EACH USE. ALSO - NEVER SHARE MAKE-UP WITH ANYONE (relatives or, no, no)!

And the easiest and safest way to clean your eyes with or without make-up is with these #OCuSoftLidScrubs

FOUR - Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser

If you couldn't figure it out from my semi-rant about eyelid health, I am no stranger to the dermatologist's office. I suffered from #rosacea for many years. Thankfully, just before and after menopause my hormones did me a favor and cleared up my skin. See, ageing has its good points! I have been using #Cetaphil products for over 30 years. I started in my 20's and continue to this day. I don't wash my face with anything else.

As a side note, my ex-husband retired from the folks who have produced this forever. He's a nice fellow so let's all keep his pension/401K filled with some of that good Cetaphil coin.

FIVE - iDesign Foaming Soap Dispenser Pump

I'm not sure what it is about this soap dispenser that I like so much. Perhaps its the soft foam it creates that makes it easy to wash your hands and actually rinse away the soap without enlisting the help of a power washer. Or maybe because you can fill it to the "soap line" with any liquid soap you want and then top it off with water to the "water line" and it will foam up ANY liquid soap to a comfortable consistency. I've even used Dawn in a pinch if I'm out of liquid refill hand soap. If you get this dispenser, you no longer have to buy FOAMING SOAP REFILL. That saves you money, because that stuff ain't cheap. You use less soap without feeling like you're cheap. Highly recommend this #soapdispenser.

So there you have it. From this old broad to you, 5 things that won't break the bank but will make your life a little easier.

That is all.

Carry on.

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