Took Bailey to the Vet For Surgery

As we of a certain age will attest, growing old ain't for sissies. Our animals can tell you the same.

This morning came early for Bailey....and me. We had to check in at Hillsboro Animal Hospital by 7:30 am. Bailey is getting several growths removed. Dr. Lauren Wall, whom we ADORE, thinks that the three biggest growths are just fatty lipomas and shouldn't have any cancer cells. She'll know more after surgery today. But one of the growths on her right lower eyelid, she is more concerned about. The word melanoma was tossed around. More as just a statement of, "I want to get that off quickly in case it is a melanoma". Ken and I are keeping our fingers crossed.

We noticed the growths quite awhile ago. She has one bigger one on her chest, one under her right front leg and one under her left front leg. And of course, the one on her eyelid.

I had a feeling the growths were lipomas, but to be honest, with our history of dogs having cancer, neither of us wanted to know. So we delayed the inevitable vet visit. Normally, we are at the vet the minute anything happens to either Birdie or Bailey. We have no kids, so we are SO THOSE PEOPLE. But we promised ourselves that we would NOT spend our life savings trying to prolong the life of a 9 year old dog like we did for the 6 year old dog many years ago. The money and time poured into Peanut only prolonged her life 1 month and did more to prolong her suffering. We won't do that again. And then there was Casey, who also died at 6 of cancer. As you can see, we just weren't ready to hear anything.

So here goes another $1K into the Million Dollar Dog. Have I said on this blog yet my mantra, NO MORE DOGS? Let me repeat it. Taking her in this morning was SO sad. She was so scared, it just breaks my heart. And anticipating/dreading the care I will have to put into getting her recovered from these surgeries......y'all, I'm just too fucking old for this shit. To make it even sadder, Birdie, sniffing me up and down and knowing her sister didn't come home, would not eat. She wouldn't even take her peanut butter covered pill without a bunch of begging - from me. Oy.

Anyway, Dr. Wall aspirated the 3 big growths and feels that they are non-cancerous. We will find out about the eyelid this afternoon.

That is all.

Carry on.

Pictured: Left-Right

1.) Bailey 4/2017. Notice no growth on her eye. 2. and 3.) Bailey this morning in the vet's office

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