Sock On A Rooster? WTF?

So, what up with the name? Thanks to my grandmother, Dearie, for my big-ass collection of chickens, roosters and Southern expressions. The one pictured here and in every social media avatar is one of the many she hand painted. I come from a long line of characters. We are rarely boring. Dearie, my Mom's Mom, was known for several things but high on the list was passing on those great sayings that add to family lore. "Sock On A Rooster" was an old Southern expression used when something didn't fit well. I can still hear her Southern drawl delivering the news that my chosen outfit was not to her liking.

"Maaahhhlllaaah! You need to go back to your closet. That thing fits you like a sock on a rooster!"

And there you have it. However, if I think of it, that great saying is much more pleasing to the ear than Sock On A Cock..... just sayin'.

And the collection of chickens and roosters? I've told the story before, but I'll repeat it. The reason I have come to be a Chicken Lady is quite simple..... I inherited it. Dearie was the first chicken lady. When she died, Mom and I inherited all her chicken dishes, chicken Tole painting, and all matter of chicken/rooster ephemera. When Mom passed, I more than doubled my collection. As you can see, it happened naturally. Actually, legend has it, this is the reason she became a chicken collector too. At one time, all she did was dare to own one complete set of Metlox Poppytrail pottery back in the day, and from then on people gave her all things chicken for years to come. Of course, she then went on to include roosters and hens in her hobby of folk art painting, so she helped the habit along. Through the years, she gave the whole family so much of her work, that when Mom died, I had to let much of it go to the rest of the family to share the chicken wealth.

Since I have reached the later chapters of my life (being 7 years into "50 Plus"), I'm trying very hard to work on the bucket list things that I have been carrying with me for a lot of my misspent youth and middle age. Sharing stories is just one of the many things on the list.

That is all. Carry on.

Sock On A Rooster Copyright 2019 Marla Baxter Sanderson -

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