The Road Less Traveled

This was originally a FaceBook post on March 10, 2017

I took the road less traveled this morning and this is what I learned:

1.) I wasn't lost. It was an adventure.

2.) If you start at the Deep Well entrance to Percy Warner park (near my house) and walk the paved road and decide to keep walking, following all those other people who seem to know where they are gong, instead of turning around at your favorite bench, you know where you end up? Cheekwood's entrance.

3.) All those people who were going somewhere, disappeared.

4.) I wasn't lost. It was an adventure.

5.) If you decide one day to have an adventure, always carry your smartphone that has a camera and gps. Otherwise, turn around on the road more traveled and retrace your steps.

6.) Realize that the gps isn't really helpful when you are up in those hills. There are no markers, or none that made sense to me. But when you get to the parking lot of the Percy Warner Golf unintended surprise.....your gps will tell you where to go. And there are nice bathrooms there.

7.) I wasn't lost. It was an adventure.

8.) Unfortunately, the road less traveled in this direction was less traveled for a reason. I took Page to Cheek to Hwy 100. Yes, tiptoed along the side of Hwy 100 for probably 2 miles while the train rushed by and some cars aimed for me (when they had another lane beside them to move over) but many others did move over.


10.) The adventure was 2 hours of walking, taking pictures, stopping to admire the views, and a brief talk with a mailman on Hwy 100 who was concerned that I was , "Living Dangerously Today". My tracker tells me that it was 13,253 steps, 5 miles, only 1728 calories burned, 37 flights of stairs and 123 minutes of an adventure.

In conclusion, I was able to do this with little to no pain in my left foot and ankle. Thank you physical therapy. Photos of the adventure will be available on Instagram under "sockonarooster" just as soon as I get them up there later today.

Anyway, thought you should know.

P.S. I wasn't lost. It was an adventure.

That is all.

Carry on.

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