Make Good Choices! Words of Wisdom.

This was originally a FaceBook post from April 17, 2017

My sister reminded me of something she used to tell her daughters when she dropped them off at school every day. She'd tell them, "Make good choices!" in a gentle sing-song tone as they exited the car.

She went on to say that now her daughter, Melissa, tells her little boy Odin the same thing.

I keep thinking about the wisdom of such a simple reminder.

I keep thinking that for some reason, as close as we all were and are, I don't ever remember knowing this fact. How can that be? She probably shared that with me many times, but I guess I really never truly heard it until a few days ago. Or maybe it was just something she told her kids and the phrase's importance grew with the passage time.

I keep thinking about how many lives could be changed if we all simply made good choices and recognized them as such.

I keep thinking.

That is all. Carry on.

Be Kind public art in Tuscon, AZ 3/24/17. Copyright 2017 Marla Baxter Sanderson -

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