Drumpf Wants Us All Back To Work By Easter REGARDLESS of Coronavirus....WTF?

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I have so many questions. In this age of TOO MUCH information and TOO FEW facts, when the planet Earth adds a pandemic to the mix, I have to stop and question EVERY FUCKING THING.

Since this blog is a place I write with a limited audience, I think I shall write like no one is reading. Because few are. Some days, I don't blame them.


  1. How can we flatten the curve in the U.S. when we only test the sickest among us?

  2. Where are the tests the federal government keeps talking about?

  3. Why can't we use the tests from Germany and China that have already proven effective?

  4. How can the GOP agree to a stimulus bill that gives the fast majority of funds to largest corporations WITH NO RESTRICTIONS AND NO ACCOUNTABLITIY?

  5. Just like that generous corporate GOP tax cut, corporations will buy back stock and layoff workers. I don't know much about anything and I know that. Why can't the blind followers understand this fact?

  6. Speaking of all those corporations we are about to bail out, why don't they have money put aside to help their workforce from the decades of profits?

  7. America has become the largest "Healthcare For Profit" country. Why are all these profitable hospitals suffering from shortages of gloves and face masks?

  8. This pandemic has exposed true weaknesses in the global economy. It has taught all of us in America that decades of "Just-In-Time" inventory and few things being manufactured in the U.S. can grind us all to a halt and stretch the normal rules of supply and demand. So....what are we going to do to fix this?

  9. The federal government's back footed response that continues TO THIS DAY has caused this tragedy to be far worse than it had to be. If Trump had not fired our pandemic response team we would have heeded the warnings from China and Europe quicker. But Trump doesn't listen to anyone. He doesn't believe in science. Do American's finally understand why ELECTIONS MATTER? Do they now realize that when you put a con man in the White House and henchmen in the House and Senate to prop him up, THIS is what you get?

  10. The members of the Senate and House are spreading the virus among themselves pretty quickly. How do they think they will get well? They spend all their days kissing the ass of the con man who is NOT going to save anyone. Do folks understand that you can't expect anything from anyone who is incapable of possessing it in the first place?

  11. I came up with my own acronym for the bevy of fools on TV misleading the public who need to be quarantined longer than the rest of us: QUARANTINE T.H.I.S. = TRUMP'S HEINOUSLY IMMORAL SWAMP When will America get this fool and every duplicitous fool propping up this empty headed bleach blonde out of office? WHEN?

  12. It is pretty obvious that our healthcare system is a wreck. We can rah-rah-siss-boom-bah trying to cheer them up all we want, but it will NOT fix the issue. If we can't handle this global pandemic, how would we ever handle germ warfare or biological weapons?

  13. I understand we have an empty-headed boob in the White House. I understand that he has evil narcissists propping him up so that they feed their own self-interests. But why weren't the hospitals more prepared? Has the Orange POS's wiping out all science and facts really filtered down to every American hospital's executive staff?

  14. Trump is now touting himself as a "WARTIME PRESIDENT". Give me a fucking break. Does anyone else know why he is saying this? Because he thinks this will help him win in November. And because the sneaky evil bastard thinks he can extend his first term because of the current crisis. I too had fallen into this thinking that maybe he could cancel the upcoming election in November because of the pandemic. After all Franklin D. Roosevelt served 4 terms as president during the Great Depression AND WWII. So I am now educating myself to calm my ass down. First of all, FDR WON 4 elections. He didn't cancel any of them, he won the vote. Of course, this was BEFORE the 22nd Amendment which prevents a POTUS from being in office longer than 2 terms. That helped my mind a little. I went on to read further about how Trump can't cancel the election in November. That too helped, a little. But why all this paranoia? Well it isn't far fetched. Louisiana, Kentucky, Maryland ,Georgia, and Ohio postponed Democratic primaries due to the coronavirus. That makes a person question if this particular POTUS can do the same for the federal election. The answer is, NO. However, each and every person in this nation has wondered. Which leads me to the next question:

  15. If the majority of us in this country have no trust in the Orange POS and WONDER about what dirty tricks this POTUS will pull, why are members of his own party ready to get rid of him? Give the nomination to someone else? Why do they want this idiot being the face of their party? Even members of the GOP have had the same thoughts. There's no way the majority of them haven't at least thought about it. Hell, many folks have gone as far as easily imagining diabolical scenarios of tricks he will pull to keep himself in a job that he doesn't even like.

  16. How is it possible that POTUS and VP were tested and tested NEGATIVE for the virus? They were rubbing palms and hugging folks who have it. However, as I ask this, I know that even if they had the virus, there is NO way we will ever know the truth.

  17. Why is Rand Paul not charged with a crime? That stupid MoFo knew he was tested and STILL went to the DC and even used the fucking gym! What a douche bag! But then, look at him. He wreaks of douche.

  18. The only saving grace to this current situation is that it seems the Governors of each of the states are taking better care of their citizens. The MAYORS seem to be doing a better job too. WHY IS THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT NOT HELPING THEM? MANY ARE MEMBERS OF THE GOP, JUST LIKE THE ORANGE POS....WTF?

  19. Why is it taking so long for manufacturers of medical personal protection equipment? Is it because everything is made in China and China was hit so bad?

  20. Why doesn't the GOP want mail-in ballots? I know why...they want voting to be difficult. That is one of the sticking points of the stimulus plan. Dems want us to be able to vote in November easily and without standing in long-ass disease riddled lines. But for the GOP, if it is easy for citizens to vote, they will lose.

  21. Why is the GOP filled with so much hate for the citizens of this country?

  22. Why does the GOP see the 99% as no more than pawns?

  23. Why does the GOP feel it is fine if we die just as long as the stock market is up?

  24. All these questions here's the most important one: WHAT IS THIS COUNTRY GOING TO DO TO MAKE SURE THIS NEVER HAPPENS AGAIN??????

There is a lot to be said about PROACTIVE responses instead of this clusterfuck of almost REACTIVE responses. I say ALMOST because we are weeks in....WEEKS IN.....to this horrible pandemic and every day we are waking up to MORE LIP SERVICE and NON-RESPONSES!!!

That is all.

Carry on.

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