DIY - Tutorial Re-purposed Footstool

Believe it or not, there are two ingredients in this up-cycled project.

1.) A very old low footstool, 2.) A SWAG leather jacket that was salvaged from a business that closed down.

The stool was from my mother-in-law. It was in really bad shape. It had the original stuffing that I think was a form of foam at one point or another. However, it was a dusty mess. It also barely had cloth covering it. But it had good bones.

The leather jacket hung in our closet for years. Although it was soft leather, unfortunately, it fit not one soul who tried it on. I know now that I follow a bunch of smart young sewers I could have re-styled it into a skirt, shirt or another jacket, instead I did something else with it. I use it every day under my desk, so I think it has been put to good use.

I'm going to place the pictures in the grid below. Later I will fill in written details if needed.

That is all. Carry on.


Antique footstool from my MIL BEFORE I reupholstered it. Copyright 2015 Marla Baxter Sanderson -


Antique footstool from my MIL AFTER I reupholstered it. Copyright 2015 Marla Baxter Sanderson -


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