Before, During & After - Windows

Now that a lot of the most expensive infrastructure work was done (covered in Projects 1 - 3 in this previous post), on to Project 4 - New Replacement Windows. Let me say, if you are in the Nashville, TN area, I highly recommend Builder's Window Supply on Sidco. Stewart and Alan are really knowledgeable, as is all of the staff. Great prices. Quality windows.

We decided to also have an outside contractor install the windows to save time. My contractor preferred this, because the people we hired had a big crew and worked quickly and efficiently. We hired Forst Builders to take care of the window replacements. HIGHLY recommend them. Stew and Crew got the big job done in 1/2 a day. Great decision we all made.

One of the things I wanted to do was expand the size of the windows in the upstairs rooms along the back of the house. There is vinyl siding on this part of the house. Stew recommended we increase the vertical size and stay away from the width increase. This made it easier to do the framing. We heeded his advice. The replacement windows turned out great and made a big difference in both the appearance of the house, but the energy efficiency and noise control. Glad we did it.

Pictured L-R, T-B: 1.) House before with "decorative" plastic shutters and all, 2., 3.,4.) The original picture window in the living room. The glazing was all about gone and the structure of the window was precarious at best, 5.) back of the house with original windows, 6. & 7.) Front of the house with original windows, 8.) Original picture window after it was removed, 9.) A stack of original windows that rarely worked, 10.) Worker on the front of the house (these are the bedroom and bathroom windows), 11.) Worker on the side of the house (upstairs bedroom), 12.) New replacement windows with the shutters removed

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