Before, During, & After - Upstairs Bedrooms

This house had little to NO closet space. It still has limited storage space overall. But we had to do something about that teeny tiny master closet and the even smaller other bedroom closets. We aren't sure why the builder shorted this split-level planned house. It is like they substituted closet space and attic space for an awkward layout, too many stairs and a carport with a tool shed. The homes on either side of us were built at the same time and have amazing closets and great layouts. But this house, not so much.

As I have written in other posts, we combined two bedrooms upstairs to make a decent sized master bedroom with a good sized closet. So we went from a 4 bedroom 3 bath house to a 3 bedroom 3 bath house. We are never proponents of losing bedrooms or bathrooms. However, other than adding on to this house, there was no other way to get this house up to today's standards of living.

Here is what we did:

  • Combined the master bedroom with the adjacent bedroom to make a master suite with a nice sized closet with a pocket door.

  • Took some of the new master suite's square footage to allow an expansion of the his and hers ensuite bathrooms.

  • Eliminated the original entry to the master bedroom so that the bathroom expansion could happen. We made the new entry to the master the original entry to the adjacent bedroom.

  • Framed up the small closet in the adjacent bedroom so that the closet faced the third upstairs bedroom. This created 2 smaller closets in the additional bedroom which doubled the closet space in that bedroom.

  • Ripped up all the old carpet and refinished the hardwood floors in the upstairs part of the house. We chose a darker walnut stain on the upstairs floors. The downstairs floors are not stained because of the end grain kitchen floor. We were afraid the darker stain would soak into the end grain and eliminate the exposed grain. We only used polyurethane on the living room and kitchen floors to keep it lighter. We wanted the upstairs floors to be a richer color.

MASTER BEDROOM BEFORE (These pictures were taken after we got the house ready to rent...after Dorothy left the house. The paint color was new. ):

That double-ish master closet was never going to work for us. That closet was consumed by the his and hers ensuite bathroom expansion. The entry to the master was eliminated to make room for the framed wall where the pocket door entries were created leading to the new master bathrooms.



1.) The wall between the bedrooms came down. That pile of 2x4's (that later became part of my kitchen floors) is proof that it is no more. 2.) Detail of the dividing line between the windows where the wall was. 3.) The adjacent bedroom. That closet was framed up and the back wall was knocked out so that the closet was facing into the next bedroom. To the right of the picture, you can see what was the linen closet (we used it for the return for the upstairs hvac system) in the hall and the door frame going into the third bedroom. That entrance (picture right) is what is now our master bedroom door. That stack of lumber there. As stated before, those became part of my kitchen floors. 4.) Inside the master bedroom closet. Those vertical "poles" are actually HVAC lines. This closet was eliminated so that the his and hers master bathrooms could be constructed. The HVAC lines were enclosed into a floor to ceiling closet. You can see that here. 5.) Demo day. You can see the old master bathroom to the right and the closet being ripped out. That door will later be framed in to allow for the new wall to be constructed. 6.) Looking from the master bedroom into the old master closet (that backed up to the hall bathroom) and master bathroom during demo day. 7.) Looking at the removal of the old master bedroom door, down the upstairs hall. 8.) This is the line that was cut in the hardwood floors in the master bedroom so that the wall could be constructed. 9.) Framing in the old master bedroom door and framing the HVAC lines into the floor to ceiling bathroom cabinet. 10.) Framing in that small closet (seen in picture 1) so that it faces into the third bedroom. 11.) The third bedroom (which is now my office) with the debris graveyard. 12.) Framing the new master closet. That window was enlarged and replaced so that it would match the new window in the third bedroom (now my office). Even though this was now a closet, the window needed to match the office window because they are the only 2 windows upstairs that face the backyard. Must have exterior window symmetry. 13.) Ken and Justin discussing cable and internet wiring in that new wall dividing the master from the new his and hers ensuite bathrooms. 14.) Drywall going on the newly constructed wall. 15.) Drywall on the newly constructed closet wall (this is before the window replacement). 16.) Walls with coats of drywall mud. 17.) Wall removed between the bedrooms. Closet wall with drywall. Windows are replaced.


I have more and better images. I have to find them. This section will be updated. These were taken shortly after we moved in. But these photos will give you an idea of after the renovation.

Photos L-R, T-B:

1.) Our king sized bed. Before the remodel the master bedroom would not accommodate a king sized bed. Yes, the windows are not centered with the bed. It is character. Nothing is perfect in a remodel. It used to bother me. Now, I just ignore it. 2.) The dresser and mirror are placed right where the wall between the master bedroom and the adjacent room was. 3.) Looking into the new master closet with the bigger window. That is my grandmother's Tole painted cedar hope chest framed in the doorway (right under the new window). The closet door is a glass pocket door with a wood frame. I didn't want to block the view with a closet door. We keep our closet pretty neat, so I had no problem with a glass closet door. 4.) Inside the new closet. This is Ken's side of the closet. 5.) This is my office. It was the third bedroom and actually the bedroom that Bernard used when he was alive. No, it looked nothing like this. You can see I had just painted the squares when I took this picture. The ladder and paint jars are still out. 6.) Closet #1 in my office. 7.) Closet #2 in my office. This was the closet that was created by changing the direction and re-framing both the opening and closing the opening that was facing the adjacent bedroom that was later combined with the master became our new master bedroom and closet.

Until I can find more pictures of the bedrooms after renovation, this will have to do for now.

That is all.

Carry on.

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