Bailey's Update!

The good news is, Bailey is doing MUCH better. We rounded some corner this weekend and she is holding her eye open more. YAY! We are supposed to get her stitches out on Thursday of this week, so let the scratching begin! It will be all we can do to keep her from bothering her scars. Fun!

The bad new is, the growth on Bailey's right eyelid was indeed melanoma. It is the "good kind of melanoma" though. So, that is good. The cells are slow growing. Since she is 9 years old, Dr. Wall (Hillsboro Animal Hospital) thinks we will probably just watch it to be sure it doesn't grow back. She also doesn't think this will kill her. She shows no signs of being ill, other than a cough she picked up as of Thursday night, so Ken and I have decided we will keep an eye on the eyelid (that sounds funny) and let her enjoy her life. Luckily, one of the 3 trips back to the vet, Dr. Wall gave Bailey some antibiotics to try to alleviate the cough. As of Sunday, the antibiotics did the trick and she hasn't been coughing. YAY!

The good news is indeed good, and the bad news isn't as bad as it could be!

I need to also repeat that I am VERY grateful that we scheduled Bailey's surgery on Ken's last day of work before his Thanksgiving week vacation. That timing was PERFECT. Other than my ordeal getting Bailey home from the vet, Ken really did all the heavy lifting this last week. It is MUCH appreciated. He's back at work now, but Bailey is much easier to deal with now.

As always, thanks to Baby Jesus, Tom Cruise and his witchcraft.

And Ken, of course!

That is all.

Carry on.

Bailey trying to disappear at the vet visit. Copyright 2019 Marla Baxter Sanderson -

Ken walking Bailey in the backyard. He's a good Daddy! Copyright 2019 Marla Baxter Sanderson -

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