Weird-Ass Review of Girl Boss (A Short Lived Show on Netflix)

Not sure why I feel the need to post this on my new blog - I don't even think the series made it past 1 season- but here it is.

This was originally a FaceBook Post on May 1, 2017

I heard about #girlboss on NPR and of course, I received a nice launch email when #Netflix released the series. Netflix thought I would enjoy it, and they were right.

Despite the fact that I am not in the target age demographic, I found it to be a rich and honest portrayal of what it is like to be a young woman breaking out into the world of entrepreneurship. I started a photography business in my twenties and in my thirties so I know firsthand the pitfalls and joys of being your own boss.

The main character, #SophiaMarlowe, is loosely based on #SophiaAmoruso and the early years of #NastyGalVintage. I'll be honest, until I heard about it on #NPR I had no idea who she was or what she did for a living. At 55, and not a wearer of vintage clothes, I missed her name and story entirely even though Forbes has been watching her for quite awhile (yes, she is THAT successful). After watching the first season, I started reading about her and found her story to be fascinating. However, what I also noticed was how many haters she has and how many horrible reviews the series had. The reviews were unnecessarily cutting and unfair. I guess it is true once again; opinions are like assholes - everyone has one.

I think what got me when reading about the series was how so many writers used her mistakes as weapons to invalidate her both personally and professionally. It was like these reviewers were condemning her and all future ventures because of her audacity to "step out of line". It is frustrating to me how to this day women entrepreneurs, women in business, women trying to break the glass ceiling.....women everywhere doing anything have to pay a heavy price for character flaws. Look at the last election for the most glorified example of this fact. Hillary is still vilified for actions perceived as well as mistakes made while Trump is rewarded for his complete and utter lack of following the rules. If Hillary was doing or did one tenth of one percent of what Trump has done or is doing now, she would have been drawn and quartered the day after inauguration.

#NastyGal had 2....count them.... 2 lawsuits for human resource problems. Granted, they sounded pretty egregious, but both were settled in arbitration. Given her meteoric rise and amazing success, lawsuits can be inevitable. NastyGal went into Chapter 11 bankruptcy shortly before the series aired. To all of her mistakes I say.....SO THE FUCK WHAT? WHO THE FUCK SHOULD CARE? Look at any entrepreneur in this country and I dare you to find anyone who is flawless. Do I think she was a good employer? I have no idea. Do I think she was kicked off Ebay for violating rules by linking to her site in the content of her item descriptions? Sure. Why the hell not? I've done it. Anyone who has ever sold on Ebay and has an outside website has done it. It is business. Ebay is one of the most confining internet platforms in which to do business. I know because I've dealt with them for years. Do I think she was inflating bids by having friends bid on items (another violation of the long list of rules in the kingdom of Ebay)? I have no fucking clue. And you know what, I don't give a rat's ass. She was trying to make a living. SHE DID NOT BREAK THE LAW. It is fucking Ebay, which is a business that sets up rules so they can make money. BUSINESS....plain and simple. Ebay does not run the world. I gave up on Ebay years ago. Her departure from Ebay made her business grow. Probably the best thing that happened to her.

The bottom line here is the series Girl Boss is well acted. It is well written. It is well produced. It is a story that should be told and I am glad it is on Netflix. I found the series, even at my age, inspirational. It shows a strong, passionate female lead character who took the world by the balls and made something of herself. She isn't a victim. She deserves to succeed. And to be even more honest at the risk of pissing off young feminists everywhere who worship the series #Girls, GIRL BOSS IS BETTER. Yeah. I said it. Lena Dunham has her place in the zeitgeist. Her show made its mark. I'm not trying to take away from Dunham's creation of Hannah. She obviously put the "fun" in "dysfunction", but she doesn't own all power or success. There should be plenty of both to go around. When you put the two series side by side, the character of Sophia Marlowe is leaps and bounds ahead of Hannah Horvath in personal growth and success. Of course, that's just one feminist's point of view. Hannah will eventually get her shit together. It took her 6 seasons to recognize her shit. But Sophia gathered her shit quickly, redesigned it, slapped it on a website and sold it for a handsome profit. The show deserves MANY future seasons to show Sophia's rise, her bumps in the road, her short-term failures and long-term successes. The show may take some dramatic licenses to keep the writing fresh and the plot moving, but what makes this series worth watching and the lead character a TRUE role model for young women, is one simple fact: Sophia is a real person, out in the world still making her mark......warts and all.

Now THERE is a good role model for young women.

That is all. Carry on.

Neon Museum, Las Vegas, NV 3/29/17. Copyright 2017 Marla Baxter Sanderson -

Neon Museum - Las Vegas, NV 3/39/17. Copyright 2017 Marla Baxter Sanderson -

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