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Friday, May 17, 2013


Ever since I read the funniest blog post ever and decided that one day, I will have a BACTWCY (big ass chicken that will cut you) in my backyard, my friends have decided that they will help me achieve my goal.  But there is something that is even funnier about this chicken story.

I've spoken about my Grandmother Dearie, if you remember, in a previous post.  Well, you see, when she passed away, I became the proud owner of every kind of chicken tchotchke you can imagine.  I always thought Dearie collected them because she loved them.  And because she loved them so much, I kept them.  Hence, I now have a house full of all kinds of roosters and hens.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

I recently received the best surprise in the mail.  A handwritten thank you note.  What an absolute treat.  I was so thrilled to receive this special note, that after reading it, I was so inspired I immediately sat down and wrote a thank you note to the writer to thank him for my thank you note.  Yes, I understand that I may have somehow caused an imbalance in the space time continuum, but I couldn't help myself.  It had to be done.  I was compelled to let him know just how much I appreciated his kind words and effort.

It wasn't just that the note was handwritten, there was so much care that went into it.  So much creativity.  So much expression of himself.  The creativity didn't end with the note.  The envelope carried on the spirit.  It didn't just have the run of the mill stamp on it.  Nope.  No roll of "forever" liberty bell or flag stamps would do for these notes.  This note had a collection of stamps on it that made up the $0.46 postage required to send it.  5 different stamps of different denominations and designs that made artistic patchwork postage. Just writing about it now makes me think about how much time he must take out of his day to do this for his customers and the people he feels like keeping in touch with in this way.  My guess is that he has sent these notes for so long, that he may not even know how special it makes people feel when they receive them.  I wonder if people take the time to let him know?  Because the whole exercise is really remarkable.  Yes, remarkable, and yet familiar.

There was a time in my life when I was known for my handwritten notes and letters.  I would go out of my way to buy the best papers or cards and I was extremely picky about the pens I used to write them.  And postage....of course!  Postage was very important.  The final detail to the perfect handwritten letter.  God the time, effort and attention to detail I put into every one of them.  Why did I stop doing that?  Time?  Laziness?  Writer's cramp?  A little of all of that.  But mainly it was because few people appreciated them....or so I thought.  After receiving this special note, I realized how much I enjoyed writing them.  I remembered how I used to have a collection of different postage.  I remember how I prided myself in the fact that I took the time to write when few people did.  Because the fact is, handwritten letters are a lost art.  So I've decided to bring them back into my life.

I'm revisiting things about myself that I have turned my back on.  Inspiration comes in unexpected ways from surprising places.  I have been inspired by this little note with its patchwork postage.  I went online and bought a nice collection of colorful stamps.  I plan on putting them to good use.  As a bonus, it will give me an excuse to revisit the boxes of greeting cards and postcards I have from my days in photography.  So, if you've been a nice person to me lately, check your mail box.  Tomorrow may be your lucky day!

Finally found direction....

I've had this little blog since September of 2010.  I could never quite figure out what to do with it.  As is typical with me, I come up with a name, an idea, but sometimes that is as far as it goes.  That is as far as this one has gone until now.

"Sock on a Rooster" is something my Grandmother (Dearie, to those who knew her) used to say.  She usually said it in reference to how some piece of clothing didn't fit well.  Example:  "Maaaalllaaa, that dress fits like a sock on a rooster." (insert Texas drawl thereby stretching out and eliminating the "r" in the Marla).  If I had to be honest, I never quite understood the expression totally.  I suppose a self respecting rooster would never be caught dead in a sock of any kind.